Bill Black Singles - Other labels


Felsted AF.129 ENG   Smokie Part 1
Smokie Part 2
London HLU 9212 ENG 1960 Don't Be Cruel
London HLU 9267 ENG 1960 Blue Tango
London HLU 9306 ENG 1960 Hearts of Stone
Royal Blue
London HLU 9383 ENG 1961 Yogi
Ole Buttermilk Sky
London HLU 9436 ENG 1961 Movin'
Honky Train
London HLU 9479 ENG 1961 Twist-Her
My Girl Josephine
London HLU 9594 ENG 1962 So What
Blues For The Red Boy
London HLU 9645 ENG 1962 Joey's Song
Hot Taco
London FL 1973 NED   Blue Tango
London 9-5.198 BEL   Don't Be Cruel
London 9-5.203 BEL   Honky Tonk
Cherry Pink
London 9-5.214 BEL   Blue Tango
London 9-5.232 BEL   Hearts of Stone
Royal Blue
London 9-5.429 BEL   Do It - Rat Now
Little Jasper
London 5.504 BEL   Boo-Ray
Little Queenie
London 5.480 BEL   Comin' On
Soft Winds
Mega 615-0036 USA   Rings
Cotton Carnival
Mega 615-0052 USA   Sugar Cured
Oh Happy Day
Mega 615-0070 USA 1972 Sassy Pants
Harlem Nocturne
Columbia 4-45162 USA   Keep The Customer Satisfied
One Five One Eight Chelsea