Let's all go wild

Let's all go wild

Various Artists: Let's all go wild
Dial LP 003 Stereo/Mono
Released: 1977


SIDE 1 - Stereo

2 RAY CAMPI: Pan American Boogie
3 RAY CAMPI: Dobroogie
4 RAY CAMPI: My Baby Left Me
5 TONY CONN: Like Wow
6 MAC CURTlS: Holdin' On
7 MAC CURTIS: Sidetrack Mama

SIDE 2 - Mono

1 WHITEY PULLEN: Let's All Go Wild
2 WHITEY PULLEN: Drinkin' Wine
3 WHITEY PULLEN: Walk My Way Back Home
4 WHITEY PULLEN: Moonshine Liquor
5 SONNY COLE: I Dreamed I Was Elvis
6 SONNY COLE: Curfew Cops
7 SONNY COLE: Robinson Crusoe Bop

Here's the first LP of ROLLlN' ROCK material released in Europe. Up until now ROLLIN' ROCK RECORDS were imported from the U.S.A.
Obviously, because of postage costs, customs, import taxes, etc., ROLLIN' ROCK records' prices were higher than European records.
This factor somewhat limited sales. The release of this Dutch LP will hopefully change all that, and should furthermore introduce to many more Krazy Kats all over Europe the Sexy, Slurpy, Succulent, Spicy, Saucy ROLLIN' ROCK ROCKABILLY SOUND which is overwhelming America's teenagers right now!!!

Side one of the LP features my own Legendary 'LIVING ROOM' recordings. The other side instead has the original 1950's recordings of WHITEY PULLEN and SONNY COLE.
By now TEXAS ROCKABILLY SENSATION RAY CAMPI doesn't need any more introductions. After trying unsuccesfully to 'make it' for over 20 years on many different labels, Ray has finally 'made it' to the point where he's well known not only in Europe, but also in Japan and Australia. As I'm writing these liner notes, RAY CAMPI & HIS ROLLIN' ROCK REBELS are playing hot throbbing pulsating ROCKABILLY to screaming audiences throughout Texas and California, culminating into a 40 minutes top-rated TV show in Texas.
Ray Campi plays all the instruments on his three songs.
JACKIE LEE WAUKEEN COCHRAN has been a magic name to Rockabilly collectors for a long time. Through his new recordings for ROLLIN' ROCK Jack has proven that his talent has by no means deserted him since the 1950's; on the contrary, it has kept augmenting. MAC CURTIS, another Texas Rockabilly Legend, is represented here with two 'early' ROLLIN' ROCK recordings (from 1973).
Then there is the wild screaming leopard-skin jacketed TONY CONN who riproars through 'Like Wow'. Tony and his leopard-skin jacket were featured in 'Life' magazine (Dec. 22, '58), in the 'Life' books series on the 1950's, in the 'National Geographics' book on America, etc., etc.

All in all you have a good sampler album of ROLLIN' ROCK product.