About Diwa Records

Diwa Records started selling records in 1969.
It was the first worldwide mailorder service in The Netherlands specialising in Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Blues and Country & Western.

Sun Shine Shop, Hengelo

In the early beginning we had a small shop in Hengelo, selling all kinds of second hand records.
In the early seventies we imported large quantities LP's from USA labels King, Federal, Starday, Bethlehem etc., giving us the chance to concentrate more on Rock, Blues and Country. The shop was then called Country & Rock.

At the same time we ran a local Rock & Roll / Country club, where interesting Rock & Roll and Boogie Woogie artists were performing. Dave Travis and his band was one of the regular artists playing there with great pleasure.
The club was called The Sunshine Club.

Later the record shop was renamed Sunshine Shop.
And our monthly mailordercatalogues were called Sunshine Music. To be able to give more information about the records and the music scene, we also published a magazine called Rocking & Stomping.

The Sunshine Club Hengelo and a Rock & Roll Club from Tilburg were joint, and the Sunshine Club Nederland was born.
The Sunshine Club Nederland, fully supported by Diwa Records, organised the International Rock & Roll Meetings in the south of The Netherlands. These meetings became very popular amongst collectors from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

In 1973 Diwa Records started releasing LP's on the labels Diwa and Dial. Among the artists are Hank "C" Burnette (Sweden), Dave Travis from England and famous Dutch Indorock group Electric Johnny and his Skyrockets.
Diwa also were the first to compile and release own compilations with recordings from USA Rockabilly label Rollin' Rock, outside the USA.

Showroom in Enter

In 1981 we moved to a place called Enter. We made a new start, this time without a shop. Mailorder sales, producing records & books and occasionally organising a small show were the main activities.

Due to various reasons, things weren't going too well in the second part of the 1980's.
After still releasing vinyl LP's in 1989 (contrary to that we were the first to offer CD's in 1983), business was slowly grinding to a halt.

In the nineties Diwa Records were not active. Now in 2000 we want to give you - old and new customer - the chance to find old vinyl records you still may be looking for.

Dick, Annemarie & Maarten op Festival in Wierden