Hank ‘C’ Burnette

Hank "C" Burnette

Hank “C” Burnette: Multi-Sided
Diwa LP 1 Stereo/Mono
Released: 1973


Guitar Nellie
Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
Blue moon of Kentucky
I love you
Don't be cruel
Act naturally

Lawdy miss Clawdy
No. 1 Sue
Walk on out of my mind
Heebie Jeebie blues
Polecat hollow
Walkin' past midnight
Tom Dooley

“Multi-Sided” is just the right title for this first album by Hank “C” Burnette.
This record shows you the many, many sides of "Sweden's One Man Band Hank “C” Burnette".
To start with Hank is one of the very few people in the world, and for sure in Europe, who still know to create the old, fifties SUN-sound nowadays.
And talking about the Sun-label (founded in MEMPHIS U.S.A.), you will immediately think of big names such as ELVIS PRESLEY, CARL PERKINS, and JOHNNY CASH. These three provided the basic ingrediences for the sound you will hear on this LP.
For example the song BUSTED will remind you of the version by Cash, DON'T BE CRUEL, BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY and I LOVE YOU to Presley, and the guitarplay on the exciting GUITAR NELLIE to Perkins.
BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY, NO. 1 SUE and TOM DOOLEY are fast instrumentals, WALKIN' PAST MIDNIGHT is a great bluessong, I LOVE YOU and WALK ON OUT OF MY MIND are ballads and ACT NATURALLY is a straight country song.
Apart from the own compositions the most amazing fact is that everything you hear on this record is done by Hank himself.
All instruments are played by Hank. And he does the singing too.
Even more amazing is that he also did the tape-recording, whilst performing. Usually he records in his living room and with non-professional equipment!

Here's how Hank composed his artists name:
HANK Williams / Chet Atkins / Johnny BURNETTE

His real name: Sven-Ake Högberg
He was born at: Sveg, Sweden
He lives in: Oxelösund, Sweden
His birthday: 12 december, 1940
He plays: almost any instrument
His biggest influence: Elvis Presley