The Ultimate Ventures Discography

Ventures discography

“The Ultimate Ventures Discography,
The First 50 Years!”
“New” Gandy Dancer magazine (UK), issue 99.

[January 2010]

This is a comprehensive discography of The First 50 years of Ventures' music. On the frontcover it says it's Issue 99 of the rock instrumental music magazine “New” Gandy Dancer, edited and published by Dave Peckett. In fact it's a solid 150 page pocketbook in his own right. It is printed in full colour on quality paper. And to my opinion, it should have had a somewhat more artistic and graphical cover, like so many of the beautiful Ventures LP covers!
Editor Dave must have spend many hours, weeks, even month's compiling this booklet. Although I'm a Ventures' admirer and collector for a very long time, I'm amazed about the huge number of different releases from all over the world. And the majority of the covers are well worth looking at, I can tell you.
There are more than 1000 images of covers and labels printed in the book, all in full colour, unfortunatelly all in the same small size of around 3x3 centimeters. I would have loved to see some larger pictures as well.
The book is a limited edition of 250 copies, and they all might be gone now. But if you are interested, just try Dave and see if he still has a copy for you.