Johnny Cash died

The death of Johnny Cash is a tremendous loss to the music world in general and country music in particular. From his first recordings for the legendary SUN label in Memphis to his final work with producer Lou Robin the listener was never cheated.Johnny Cash was true to his music and never afraid to take stand.

The general public will remember Johnny for songs like "I Walk The Line", "A Boy Named Sue", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Ring of Fire", "One Piece At A Time" and "Daddy Sang Bass". His fans are more likely to point to landmark albums like "Bitter Tears", "Ride This Train" and "Sings The Ballads of The True West". Johnny was a terrific story teller and he made it all come alive against the sparse backing of The Tennessee Three.

I will remember Johnny for all of the above and then some; "Big River", "I Still Miss Someone", "Blue Train", "Luther's Boogie", "Get Rhythm", "Rock & Roll Ruby", "Sunday Morning Coming Down", "I've Got A Thing About Trains", "Delia's Gone" and "I Will Rock 'n' Roll With You". In the latter he recalled his days at 706 Union in Memphis:

"They used to call me rockabilly, all of us ran through,
When Elvis Opened Up The Door Wop-Bop-A-Lop-Bam-Boom,
Memphis 1955, on Union Avenue,
Carl and Jerry And Charlie and Roy And Billy Riley Too,
A new sun rising on the way we sing,
And a world of weirdoes waiting in the wings"

(from "Rock & Roll With You" by Johnny Cash).

Thanks for all the great music J.R. and may you rest in peace.

Adriaan Sturm (USA)

I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Johnny Cash.
I've been a big fan of his for years. Like all of us, I was familiar with his success when I was much younger. It was only after I'd gotten interested in Rock Music's early years that I began to have a better look at him. As he'd started out at Sun Records in the mid 50s with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. I came to like his music very much as it had an Honesty and Sincerity. Perhaps this was a reflection of who he was. I'd gotten so I always enjoyed reading his interviews, He always had something to say. In the 60s, He had a close relationship with Bob Dylan. Evidently, They'd exchanged quite a few letters. Cash remarked that he'd never shown them to anyone not even June (his wife).

Mr. Cash was an Intelligent and Thoughtful Man. He carried himself with Dignity and Respect. I especially value his example as a Christian. In that he lived his faith through his Words and Actions.

The Recordings that he recorded for American Recordings (Record Label) are Highly Recommended. Producer Rick Rubin was a Wonderful Collaborator. He recorded Cash in a Spare, Minimal way. Which put emphasis on his Lyrics and Vocals. Focusing on his obvious strengths. These Four Albums contain some very Powerful Works. Especially, From the Solitary Man album, "The Mercy Seat" written by Nick Cave. A Song about an Innocent Man on Death Row. And, of course, "Hurt" from The Man Comes Around.

I was fortunate enough to see Cash perform back in 1994 in Branson (of all places). Cash was a Charismatic Performer. It was Electric. He played a Lengthy Set which included June Carter Cash and her sister Helen playing a short set of Carter Family songs. It was some Deep Stuff.
Cash often referred to his music as "The Gift". Indeed, It was.

Love To You All,
Tom Couch (USA)