Unissued Elvis Sun recordings

Just found some information about more unreleased SUN-era Elvis stuff. Sounds almost too good to be true. So let's keep our fingers crossed and maybe we'll be able to hear more Elvis SUN recordings soon.
Sean O'Neal is the fellow who found the amazing second Sun acetate from 1954, the one with "I'll Never Stand In Your Way" and "It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You."
O'Neal is not a deluded Elvis fan, but an avid collector of early Presleyana. Early unissued photos he uncovered were published in 1998's "The Lost Photographs" (with Joe Tunzi). Below are some interesting comments by Sean on unissued Presley tracks, culled from an April web interview.
The guy has come up with the goods before. What might a third Sun acetate contain? If it's after his first single, one song could be "Tiger Man," which I would love to hear. What do you think?

Q: Tell us some facts you can share ...
A: On the music front I am working on a project involving another unreleased Elvis Memphis Recording Service acetate. I can not really go into any other details other than to say that it is spectacular ... the song titles are ones that legend says that Elvis recorded.

Q: What do you know about "Uncle Penn"?
A: I have never actually heard it so I cannot confirm it.

Q: "Careless Love," Sean?
A: If you mean "Casual Love Affair," yes it exists.

Q: "Only You," Sean?
A: This exists too ... a live version ... you left out "Little Mama," which is fantastic. It is too bad that BMG can not open its purse wide enough ... I keep hearing that stuff about the fans wanting 70s stuff. I guess they have sales numbers to back this up. I just find to hard to believe that, if promoted properly, "Little Mama" does not have more commercial potential than take 137 of "Burning Love."

Adriaan Sturm (USA)