The Lucky Cupids

The Lucky Cupids from Slovenia

[20 august 2002]

What would you expect if I said: "Red hot rockabilly from Slovenia"?
You probably would ask: "What is Slovenia?"
Slovenia is a small European country between Austria and Italy. If you are curious, just look it up in your favorite encyclopedia on CD-Rom.

I don't know much about the favorite national music in Slovenia, but it could hardly be Rockabilly. Yet there is at least one band that plays the real red hot, authentic fifties and sixties rockabilly and rock & roll. The band is called THE LUCKY CUPIDS and they have one CD out, called "Pride dan".
The CD is on Nika Records and has also been released in England, on the Nervous label.

The following tracks are on the CD:
1. Pride dan; 2. Ker ti ne veš; 3. Kakšna je ta zenska; 4. Moja sestra nebi; 5. Nina; 6. U mislik si mi ti; 7. Ne morem brez nje; 8. Zacaran sem; 9. Men je cist useen; 10. Tainted love; 11. Show business je O.K.; 12. Mexicali baby.

The Lucky Cupids are:
Andrej Rudolf - vocals and rhythm guitar (a mix of Elvis and Jimmy Dean)
Matevz Carnelutti - solo guitar (the new Scotty Moore)
Ales Kolar - double slap bass (sympatico)
Grega Zamljen Usenik - drums (crazy)

The Lucky Cupids

The group was established in 1994 and plays mainly the crazy 50's rockabilly music, a mix between swing, surf, rhythm and blues, a little country and western style.
Their first CD PRIDE DAN has been released in 1999 and is the first and only rockabilly project in Slovenia. Almost all the songs are in Slovene, but don't let that put you off, because all tracks sound really great!

I just got their new promo CD with songs from Pride dan, new songs, live recordings, demo's and home recordings.
There are 29 tracks on the promo and I will only mention the English songs, although the quality of the other songs is by no means less:
Help me make it through the night; Baby let's play house; Desperado love; One cup of coffee; Brand new Cadillac; Shakin' all over; Lonely blue boy; Gunnin' for the dog; Rock-a-billy boogie; Baby what you want me to do; Stray cat strut; Johnny b. good; Just a little bit; Rock this town; Doin' time for bein' young; Love me; That'll be the day; Young and beautiful; Something I said.

The first thing that strikes me when listening to the CD, is that the many familiar songs do not sound like cover versions. They sound new and original. The band did not copy the songs note by note, but added their own musical ideas.
The instrumental side of the tracks is very strong, fresh and professional.
Vocalist Andrej Rudolf sounds a lot like Vince Taylor. Other influences are The Johnny Burnette Trio, Gene Vincent and The Stray Cats.

I do not know if there are already songs scheduled for release on a new CD, but I hope so.
The Lucky Cupids deserve more international recognition.
You can get in touch with them by e-mail: